Voice Damage cassette/digital on Psychic Troubles Tapes out now

WIRE Magazine feature on new minimalism, January 2019 issue 419

Spring 2019: Visiting Faculty at Pratt Institute Fine Arts Dept, Brooklyn, NY
Spring 2019: Visiting Faculty at International Center of Photography, NYC

May 17: Los Angeles, 6-11pm, opening of Byron Westbrook artist residency with Coaxial Arts, presenting 4-channel audio/video installation Field of View, Played by Ear. Westbrook’s residency will also include curated screenings of audio/visual installations by artists Geneva Skeen and Yann Novak, on May 23 and 31 respectively.

August 17: Los Angeles, CA Perpetual Dawn 4-Year Anniversary Event

September 4: Los Angeles, CA Zebulon, with Kara-lis Coverdale, Ben Babbitt

October 10-13: Moreno Beach, CA Desert Daze Festival, performing in Sanctuary Tent

March 30-31 MaerzMusik The Long Now Festival 2019