Interval/Habitat: Disjecta

Second iteration of Interval/Habitat light, sound, and collaborative performance environment, presented as an exhibition at Disjecta Contemporary Art Space, Portland, OR (2015) featuring multiple evenings of curated performances by invited poets, actors, performance artists, dancers, musicians, to further activate the social aspects of the installation.

Interval/Habitat considers the filmic “cut” as an increasingly present element in our psychological lexicon and explores its potential to influence our perception and internal narratives. Using an array of 19 theatrical lighting fixtures and multi-channel sound, it presents a sequence of dynamic shifts, or “scenes” reminiscent of filmic transitions in an empty gallery space. The piece approaches light and sound as physical, structural material to facilitate a changing awareness of self, body, space, and presence of others, defining social boundaries by limiting what visitors can see or hear, and dynamically shifting their focus between navigating internal psychological space and external physical space.

Performance series:

Thursday, November 19, 2015, 7 – 10pm

Concrete/Concert, a night of text and movement exploring the possibility of concrete poetry beyond the page. The performers will use spoken word to shape the interstitial space of the gallery. Presented in three acts; solo performance with Stacey Tran, followed by Sidony O’Neal and Ed Sharp (aka Future Death Agency), then Ayako Kataoka Blasser with collaborator Luke Gutgsell.

Friday, November 20, 2015, 7 – 10pm

Ensembles, looks at collective acts with a large movement group led by Linda Austin, withAllie Hankins, Tracy Broyles, Emily Stone, Noelle Stiles, Tahni Holt, Nancy Ellis,Chelsea Petrakis, Danielle Ross, Lucy Yim, followed by string trio with Justin Smith, Amie Kuttruff and Patti King. Ensembles will conclude with a solo expression by poet Rob Gray as counter point.

Saturday, November 21, 2015, 7 – 10pm

Inside Interval/Habitat, continues the experiment of Interval/Habitat with a moment of reflection. An open conversation with curator Chiara Giovando and artist Byron Westbrook about the project will start off the evening, followed by voice and movement with Takahiro Yamamoto, duo Lucy Yim and Allie Hankins, and a special presentation by Jesse Mejia.

Sunday, November 22, 2015, 7 – 10pm

Quiet Light, an evening of sonic explorations of the installation Interval/Habitat, including dancer and choreographer Linda Austin; Gabi Villaseñor and Michael Bunsen; improvisation quartet with Evan Spacht, David Haverkampf, Eric Gibbons & Branic Howard, on trombone, percussion, bass, and resonant metallic objects.