Live Performance

Archive of December 11, 2021 live performance at The LAB San Francisco, with visuals by Alex Pelly (performance begins at 27:25 timecode):

Performance of “Ricochet Waves” taken from February 13, 2021 Bandcamp Live concert, featuring visuals by Alex Pelly:

Streaming performance for Public Records “Spectral Blur” series, Sept 11, 2020, curated by Kamran Sadeghi:

Streaming performance for Experimental Sound Studio’s “The Quarantine Concerts” on an April 10, 2020 billing curated by Ben Vida:

Video excerpts of performance at Lodge Room Highland Park, Los Angeles, November 18, 2019:

Video excerpts of performance at Perpetual Dawn anniversary event, Los Angeles, August 17, 2019:

Video excerpt of performance at Desert Daze Festival, Moreno Beach, CA October 11, 2019:

Video excerpt of March 31, 2019 performance at Kraftwerk Berlin for MaerzMusik Festival’s The Long Now:

Video excerpt of April 23, 2019 performance at Fridman Gallery:

Video of January 22, 2019 performance at Zebulon, Los Angeles, CA:

Video by Fana Feng of September 28, 2018 performance at Park Church Coop, Brooklyn, NY: