Leah Beeferman: Shades of Lake Score

Byron Westbrook score for artist Leah Beeferman’s “Shades of Lake” video work, 2019-2021

Shades of Lake (Kilpisjärvi, Arctic Finland, summer, no sunset, every hour, 15 June 2019 01:01AM – 16 June 2019 2019 1:22AM), 2019-21

From Leah Beeferman: “In Kilpisjärvi, in summer, the sun does not set. I recorded the video material for this piece across 24 hours period to capture a full cycle of the modulating light. The lake-water – malleable as it is – serves as a reliable reflection of weather, wind, and sun. Mirroring this and my own reflections of the ever-changing conditions, I invited three sound artists/musicians – Byron Westbrook, Olli Aarni, and Bryce Hackford – to make three soundtracks for the work. Each was created in response to the video.”