Sound Horizon

Sound Horizon at Walker Art Center, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden (2017)

Excerpt of commissioned performance on July 13, 2017 for the Walker Art Center’s Sound Horizon summer music series.

I was invited by the Walker to use recordings from their sculpture park site as material for a 4-channel audio performance during an evening open to the public. The sounds presented in the performance were entirely live-effected field recordings from the garden. As an example, a recording of water flowing from a sculpture was processed by a resonant filter to magnify certain tones, and the sound of another sculpture was time-stretched to amplify its gestures. It is important to know that this was an event where the audience was walking around the garden and hearing the actual sounds in their un-processed, “natural” form and that the experience of my additional sounds alone is not an experience of the total work: my gestures were meant to be heard in conversation with the environment, to inspire a curiosity for deeper listening and attention. I am interested in offering a fluid sense of awareness of the present for the listener, opening up a grey area between real and un-real that presses the mind to question, imagine and explore internally. The piece aims to re-contextualize sounds in a way that leaves room for the audience’s listening as a collaborative aspect of their experience of the work.

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