Threshold Variations

Threshold Variations is an immersive environment that expands on the experimental staging techniques of “Interval/Habitat,” but focuses more directly on the synaesthetic play between light amplitude and sound volume in relation to the audience’s thresholds of perception.Working within mostly low lighting in a resonant space, “Threshold Variations” uses static textural sounds, sonic impulses and environmental recordings in conjunction with lighting transitions to posit a dynamic relationship between the perception of the present vs external, imagined spaces. The audience is invited to navigate the environment while listening and meandering through this transitory space. Presence and density of audience in this unstable environment are collaborative aspects of the work, allowing for emergent dynamics of intimacy and awareness.

Threshold Variations was presented by ISSUE Project Room at Abrons Art Center on September 9, 2017 as part of Byron Westbrook’s 2017 Residency with ISSUE Project Room

photos by Andrew Lavallee