byron westbrook

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upcoming events:

Feb 7: presentation at The Wulf, Los Angeles, CA
Feb 14: performing with filmmaker Paul Clipson at Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, CA
March 17: presentation at Fotofono Sendo-off Fest Brooklyn, NY, w/ Michael J Schumacher
April 23: screening at RADAR Festival Bogota, Colombia
May 2: performance at MICA Sound Vigil Baltimore, MD
May 8: performance at Outpost Artist Resources Brooklyn, NY w/ Colin Stetson/Greg Fox/Trevor Dunn
May 10: performance at Clocktower / Pioneer Works Brooklyn, NY w/ Melissa F. Clarke
May 23: performance at Marcy Project Brooklyn, NY w/ Michael Vallera, Ben Scott
May 28-June 6: work screening in LOOP Festival, Barcelona, Spain
June 5: performance at Schoolhouse Brooklyn, NY w/ M Dwinell, Ohal
July 22: performance at Fridman Gallery NYC w/ Phillip Stearns
Aug 12: performance at Handbag Factory Los Angeles, w/Joseph Hammer, Ian William Craig
Aug 20: performance+interview with VOLUME Presents/KCHUNG Radio Los Angeles
Oct 7: performance at Metropolitan Waterworks Museum Boston, MA, w/Phill Niblock

more events and news for 2015 TBA soon